Alarm system is a kind of security system that is described as a warning device that is installed or free-standing. It consists of any mechanism that triggers an audio or visual alert to warn of a problem, such as a fire or a burglar entering.

Carbon monoxide monitor/ detector - a device that monitors the presence and levels of carbon monoxide gas in a given area. If carbon monoxide is detected an alarm is sounded to notify occupants to vacate the area.

Fire alarm - a mechanical system used to detect smoke and/or heat.

Heat detector, fixed - a detector that will trigger an alarm when the temperature of the device reaches a preset limit.

Panic button a device that triggers an alarm when activated by a user. The alarm system may respond by activating sirens or sending a silent alarm to a monitoring center.

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"Alarm system" is in the NAICS Code "23821"
(Inofficial Code)
Alarm system (e.g., fire, burglar), electric, installation only

Ref: 120700/2006-10-01

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