Annealing is described as controlled heating and cooling process designed to relieve internal stresses introduced in a glass container during and immediately after glass container formation. Annealing point, meanwhile denotes the specific temperature in which internal stresses built up during glass container formation are substantially relieved in 15 minutes.

A generic term denoting a treatment. consisting of heating to and holding at a suitable temperature, followed by cooling at a suitable rate, used primarily to soften metallic materials , but also to simultaneously produce desired changes in other properties or in microstructure. The purpose of' such changes may be. but is not confined to. improvement of machinability, facilitation of cold work, improvement of mechanical or electrical properties, and/or increase in stability of dimensions. When the term is used by itself, full annealing is implied. When applied only for the relief of stress, the process is properly called stress relieving or stress-relief annealing.

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"Annealing" is in the UNSPSC Code "73181302"
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Ref: 120762/2006-10-04

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