In an industrial or industry context, "bulb" can refer to several different types of products or components, including:

  1. Light bulb - a device that generates light through the passage of an electric current through a filament or other light-emitting material.
    Examples of light bulbs in an industrial context:
    • Incandescent bulbs
    • Fluorescent bulbs
    • LED bulbs
    • High-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs
  2. Bulb-shaped component - a component with a rounded shape, such as a light bulb, that is used in industrial or manufacturing applications.
    Examples of bulb-shaped components in an industrial context:
  3. Plant bulb - an underground organ that stores food and energy and serves as the reproductive structure of certain types of plants.
    Examples of plant bulbs in an industrial context:
    • Bulbs used in horticulture and agriculture
    • Flower bulbs
    • Bulbs used in landscaping and gardening.

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