Clock is term that can refer to:

1. A device for telling the time of day;

2. A term often used for speedometer; and
3. A device that generates a basic periodic signal used to control timing of all operations in a synchronous system or computer

Clipper is a device for measuring time, indicating the hour and other divisions; in ordinary mechanical clocks for domestic or office use the time is indicated on a typically circular face or dial plate containing two hands, pointing to numbers engraved on the periphery of the face, thus showing the hours and minutes

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"Clock" is in the CPC Code "37194"
  Clock or watch glasses and similar glasses; glasses for spectacles, not optically worked; hollow glass spheres and their segments for the manufacture of such glasses

"Clock" is in the HS Code "7015"
  Clock Or Watch Glasses And Similar Glasses, Glasses For Non-Corrective Or Corrective Spectacles, Cur

"Clock" is in the UNSPSC Code "32101627"
  Clock oscillators

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