The term nursery may refer to the following:

  • a place where young children are looked after
  • a place where young plants and trees are grown for later replanting and/or sale elsewhere
  • a place where fish and/or other animals are bred for various purposes
  • Prison nursery, a section of a correctional facility where incarcerated mothers and their children are housed
  • Stellar nursery, a cloud of cosmic dust in which stars may be formed
  • Farm team (also farm system, farm system, feeder team, nursery club), a sports team or club whose role is to give training and experience to younger athletes, with the understanding that the successful ones can eventually move up to a higher level, usually an affiliated team in a different league, at a given point
  • an unincorporated community in Victoria County, Texas in the US
  • an unincorporated community in Similkameen Division, Yale Land District, British Columbia in Canada
  • a suburb of Karachi city, Sindh province in Pakistan
  • Nursery Site, RI-273, a historic site in Westerly, Rhode Island in the US
  • The Nursery, a song cycle by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky
  • The Nursery Suite, a 1930 orchestral suite by British composer Sir Edward Elgar

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