Nursery and Tree Production - this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) growing nursery products, nursery stock , shrubbery, bulbs, fruit stock, sod, and so forth, under cover or in open fields and/or (2) growing short rotation woody trees with a growth and harvest cycle of 10 years or less for pulp or tree stock.


The high risk job tasks associated with this industry are
1. Generate plant-derived bioaerosols
2. Handle flowers
3. Inhale plant mold (greenhouse worker) or slime mold (microbiologist)
4. Mix or apply organophosphates or work in fields after an
5. application
6. Spray chlorothalonil
7. Use carbon disulfide as fumigant

NAICS Code 111421

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"Nursery and Tree Production" is in the NAICS Code "111421"
  (Nursery and Tree Production Preseeded mat farming)

- 87290/2006-09-17

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