Stallion refers to a male horse which is not castrated. In the industrial or industry context, "stallion" refers to a male horse used for breeding purposes. Stallions are typically owned by breeding farms and are leased or used to impregnate mares (female horses) for the purpose of producing offspring for sale or for racing purposes.

Examples of the use of stallions in an industrial context include:

  • A thoroughbred stallion standing at a breeding farm and used to produce offspring for the racehorse industry.
  • A cutting horse stallion used to breed cutting horses, which are horses trained to perform in cutting competitions where they separate cattle from a herd.
  • A sport horse stallion used to produce offspring for the equestrian sport industry.
  • A wild horse stallion managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and used in the wild horse and burro breeding program.

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