Saccharin refers to the oldest artificial sweetener; it was discovered in 1879 by Ira Remsen and Constantin Fahlberg of Johns Hopkins University and nd has been used as a non-caloric sweetener in foods and beverages for more than 100 years.

American consumers and the doctors, dentists and dietitians who counsel them have overwhelmingly supported its benefits. Saccharin has been used to sweeten foods and beverages without calories or carbohydrates for over a century. Its use was considerable during the sugar shortages of the two world wars, particularly in Europe. Throughout the 1970s, saccharin was the only low-calorie sweetener available in the United States. Saccharin continues to be important for a wide range of low-calorie and sugar-free food and beverage applications. It is used in the U.S. in such products as soft drinks, tabletop sweeteners, baked goods, jams, chewing gum, canned fruit, candy, dessert toppings and salad dressings. One of its most popular uses is in Sweet 'N Low?, a tabletop sweetener. Saccharin also is used in cosmetic products, vitamins and pharmaceuticals.

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"Saccharin" is in the HS Code "2925"
  Carboxyimide Function Compounds (Including Saccharin And Its Salts ) And Imine-Function Compounds

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