Swine is a general term for a mammal in the famliy Suidae that has a stout body, thick skin and a short neck.

Female swine are called gilts.However, after they have given birth they are already called sow.

Male swine are either boars or barrows. Boars are male swine that are capable of producing offspring, while barrows are male swine that have been neutered and are not capable of reproducing.

The offspring of a boar and a sow is a piglet or pig.

When a sow gives birth, it is called farrowing.
A sow gives birth to a group of 8 - 12 piglets, called a litter.

When a pig is about 6 months old and at market weight (around 250 pounds), it is called a hog.

Meat from swine is called pork.

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