Turkey Production this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in raising turkeys for meat or egg production.

It is divided into two segments: live turkey and turkey eggs. Within the live turkey segment there are a variety of different classes, including fryer-roaster turkeys, young turkeys, yearling turkeys, and mature turkeys (also known as hens or toms).
Turkeys are used in a range of meat products such as ground turkey, turkey sausage and turkey bacon, turkey franks, turkey pastrami as well as turkey cutlets and tenderloins. The output of this industry is the sale of live turkeys to the Animal Slaughtering and Processing Industry (31161).

The primary activities of firms in this industry are:
Egg production, turkey
Turkey egg production
Turkey production

NAICS Code: 11233

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"Turkey Production" is in the NAICS Code "112330"
(Turkey Production Turkey production)

- 87326/2006-09-20

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