Bevel gear is characterized as gear of conical form designed to operate on intersecting axes. These gears allow transmission of poweraround corners so to speak as their shafts intersect. Most commonly the shafts will intersect at a 90° angle. Straight bevel gears have teeth that are straight, radially from the gears center point.

Angular bevel gear is characterized as a gear in which the axes are not at right angles.

Spiral bevel gear supersede straight bevel gears where greater strength, higher speed and/or less noise is needed in an angle gear set. Spiral bevel gears are to straight bevel gears what a helical gear is to a spur gear.
Spiral bevel gears are recommended when speeds exceed 1000 RFM or 1000 SFPM. With the right tooth form and equipment. Spiral bevel gears teeth can also be ground for greater accuracy resulting in even less noise and vibration.

Straight bevel gear is the oldest, the simplest and most widely used of all bevel gear. Originally, straight bevel gears were produced with full length and depth contact.

Hypoid Bevel Gears can be thought of as a "kind of " spiral bevel gear. A type of differential final drive using a spiral bevel gear on the drive shaft, allowing it to be located below the center of the ring gear on the axle. This makes possible a lower floor in the car.

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