Incandescent bulb is defined as a household bulb with a tungsten filament wire that lights when electricity flows through it.

Incandescent light bulb is identified as the most common bulb used in lamps today since they are inexpensive and widely available. Common incandescent bulbs vary from 15 to 150 watts and produce a soft yellow-white light, emitted in all directions. They are generally available in clear, frosted, or colored styles.

Incandescent bulbs are great for standard ambient lighting and higher wattages are good for task lighting. Incandescent light bulbs are typically used in accent lamps, buffet lamps, Reading lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, hurricane lamps, magnifying lights, display lighting, bath/vanity lighting, wall sconces, swing arm lights, wallchieres, ceiling clouds, chandeliers, close-to-ceiling mounts, directional lights, flush mounts, kitchen island lighting, pendants, pot rack lighting, outdoor hanging lanterns, landscape lighting, path lights, post lanterns, spot/flood lights, and outdoor wall lanterns.

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