Deutsch: Rollstuhl / Español: Silla de ruedas / Português: Cadeira de rodas / Français: Fauteuil roulant / Italiano: Sedia a rotelle
 A wheelchair is a chair with wheels, designed to be a replacement for walking. The device comes in variations where it is propelled by motors or by the seated occupant turning the rear wheels by hand. Often there are handles behind the seat for someone else to do the pushing. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, or disability.

In the industrial or industry context, a wheelchair refers to a mobility device designed for individuals with physical disabilities or injuries who have difficulty walking.

Examples of wheelchairs in the industrial context include:

  • Electric wheelchairs, powered by batteries
  • Manual wheelchairs, propelled by the user or a caregiver
  • Bariatric wheelchairs, designed for larger individuals
  • Sport wheelchairs, designed for athletic activities such as basketball or tennis.


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