Bauxite pertains to an ore or rock composed of hydrous aluminum oxides and aluminum hydroxides. The most economic source of aluminum, it is predominantly found in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Bauxite is used as an abrasive, a catalyst, and a refractory for the lining of furnaces which are exposed to intense heat.

Refractory is specified as a material with a high melting point, which makes it useful as a barrier between the heat source and a material that you don't want to melt, like the sides of an oven, etc..

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Bauxite refers to an ore from which alumina is extracted and from which aluminum is eventually smelted. Bauxite usually contains at least 45% alumina. About four pounds of bauxite are required to produce one pound of aluminum.

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"Bauxite" is in the UNSPSC Code "41113304"
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Bauxite is an ore of differing quality with aluminium hydroxides as its main component. Bauxite is the raw material used in the production of aluminium and is obtained by strip mining. The largest deposits can today be found in Australia, Guinea and Brazil. This ore was named after the town of Les Baux in the south of France where it was first found

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"Bauxite" is in the UNSPSC Code "41113304"
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