Deutsch: Couchtisch; Beistelltisch / Español: Mesa de centro; mesa auxiliar / Português: Mesa de centro; mesa lateral / Français: Table basse; table d'appoint / Italiano: Tavolino; tavolino d'appoggio /

- Coffee table; occasional table : Coffee table refers to a low table used next to couches where books and magazines and other small items can be placed and coffee, beverages or cocktails are served.

And for the ultimate in versatility, some cocktail and coffee tables even have tops that pop up to become dining or serving tables.

Occasional tables are smaller ?accent? tables usually named for their location (side, sofa, end, hall, center), their use (cocktail, coffee, tea, china, writing), or their form (folding, console, extension, drop-leaf, tilt-top, swivel-top, nesting).
The word ?occasional? originally came from the theory that these tables aren?t likely to get as much use as, say, a dining room table. Occasional tables have come a long way since they first appeared in the 1700s. And they?re still evolving, with convenient new features being added to familiar designs. Whether crafted from rich woods, glass, stone or metal, occasional tables are a great way to make any living area more liveable!

Whatever the name, you can use occasional tables to add function and enhance the mood of your living room, den, bedroom, entryway, hallway or just about any room in your home.

Obviously, tables offer a handy place for books, magazines, candles, framed photos, a lamp, your coffee, and whatever else you want to put on them. It's always Nice to have a small table next to a chair for a touch of convenience

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