Drafting, in the context of cartographic reproduction, refers to the process of creating a final map or chart from original survey or field notes, sketches, or other source materials. It involves the careful transfer of information from these sources onto a clean, final map or chart using a variety of manual or digital drafting techniques.

During the drafting process, the cartographer must consider factors such as scale, projection, symbols, colors, and text placement to ensure that the final product accurately represents the original data while also being visually clear and easy to read. This may involve using specialized software, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Computer-Aided Design (CAD), to manipulate and refine the data before finalizing the map or chart.

Overall, drafting is a critical step in the production of accurate and effective maps and charts, and requires both technical skill and a deep understanding of the principles of cartography and geography.

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"Drafting" is in the NAICS Code "54134"
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