High road; avenue (in street names)  refers to highway, main road; easiest course, while avenue refers to a any wide street or road in an urban area or a broad, multi-lane roadway broad, usually in an urban area.

In the industrial and business context, the terms "high road" and "avenue" are often used in street or road names to indicate a prominent or prestigious location, or a primary route of transportation.

For example, "High Road" or "High Street" is a common name for the main commercial street in a town or city, often featuring a variety of shops and businesses. "Avenue" typically refers to a wide and prominent street, often lined with trees or other landscaping features, that serves as a major transportation route or connects important locations.

Here are some examples of industrial or business areas that may feature street names with "high road" or "avenue":

  1. High Street Kensington in London, which is a popular shopping and commercial district.
  2. Park Avenue in New York City, which is known for its prestigious commercial and residential buildings.
  3. The High Road in North London, which is a major transportation route connecting several neighborhoods and commercial areas.
  4. Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, which is a famous avenue known for its high-end shopping and restaurants.

In general, street names can provide important context for the location and character of a particular area or neighborhood, and can also contribute to its overall branding and identity.

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