The term lexicon may refer to the following:

  • a synonym for a dictionary or encyclopedic dictionary
  • a language's vocabulary or inventory of lexemes
  • a number that is disjunctive to every base in mathematics
  • dlr LexIcon, a building in Dún Laoghaire, Ireland that was subject to some controversy
  • Lexicon Branding, Inc., an American marketing firm focused on selecting brand names for companies and/or products
  • Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company
  • Lexicon, an American audio equipment manufacturing and marketing company
  • Stian André Hinderson (a.k.a. Lex Icon, Nagash), a Norwegian Black Metal musician
  • a 2013 novel by Australian author, Max Barry
  • a serif typeface designed by Dutch type designer Bram de Does
  • an MS-DOS based text editor/word processor that was popular in the Soviet Union and Russia
  • a card-based word game
  • a computer-assisted role-playing game utilizing wiki software
  • Lexicon Gaming Convention, a board game-focused convention held in Lexington, Kentucky in the US


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