Light has something to do with any device serving as a source of illumination. In automobile industry, various auxiliary, supporting or supplementary lights are used as an illuminatng device, to wit:

1. Driving lights - are auxiliary lights that extend the reach of standard headlights, as they have narrower beam than headlights; 
2. Foglights - are auxiliary lights that provide a wider beam pattern than standard headlights. Foglights are usually mounted lower than headlights to illuminate below fog and reduce reflected glare. Used in when driving into foggy places or weather;
3. Halogen - lights that provide brighter and longer lasting illumination than standard incandescent lights. Halogen bulbs are filled with a gas such as iodine, that reduces the gradual evaporation of the tungsten filament and increases its life; and
4. Projector beam lights - is a special type of headlight that uses a spherical reflector to tightly control the light beam. Compared to standard headlights, projector beams are relatively expensive.

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"Light" is in the NAICS Code "33243"
  (Metal Can, Box, and Other Metal Container (Light Gauge) ManufacturingMetal Can, Box, and Other Metal Container (Light Gauge) Manufacturing)

"Light" is in the HS Code "4403.41"
  - -- Dark Red Meranti, Light Red Meranti and Meranti Bakau

"Light" is in the UNSPSC Code "25101507"
  Light trucks or sport utility vehicles

"Auxiliary" is in the CPC Code "4233"
  Auxiliary plant for use with boilers; condensers for steam or other vapour power units

Ref: 120742/2006-10-02

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