Distribution arrester normal duty class) defines as an arrester normally used to protect overhead distribution systems exposed to typical lightning currents.

Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus

"distribution" is in the CPC Code "462"
Electricity distribution and control apparatus, and parts thereof

"distribution" is in the UNSPSC Code "24112500"
Corrugated and other boxes for distribution

"distribution" is in the NAICS Code "22111"
Electric Power Generation
... electric energy and provide electricity to transmission systems or to electric power distribution syst ...

"distribution" is in the NACE Code "41.0"
Collection, purification and distribution of water

"distribution" is in the ISIC Code "41"
Collection, purification and distribution of water

Ref: 122215/2006-10-03

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Distribution (Distribution is the term used which refers to the ...)

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