A casino complex is a whole structure, public building or room for gambling made up of interconnected or related structures.

In the industrial and business context, a casino complex refers to a large-scale entertainment venue that includes a casino as well as other amenities such as hotels, restaurants, spas, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. Casino complexes are designed to provide a range of entertainment options for visitors and are typically located in tourist destinations or urban areas with high foot traffic. Here are some examples of casino complexes:

  1. The Venetian, Las Vegas: The Venetian is a massive casino complex located on the Las Vegas Strip that includes over 7,000 rooms, a large casino, numerous restaurants and bars, a shopping mall, and several entertainment venues.

  2. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore: Marina Bay Sands is a luxury casino complex in Singapore that includes three hotel towers, a large casino, a shopping mall, a convention center, and a rooftop infinity pool.

  3. City of Dreams, Macau: City of Dreams is a large-scale casino complex located in Macau, China. It includes a casino, several hotels, a shopping mall, a performance venue, and an aquarium.

  4. Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas: Atlantis Paradise Island is a casino complex located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It includes a large casino, several hotels, a water park, a marine habitat, and numerous restaurants and bars.

Overall, casino complexes are designed to offer visitors a range of entertainment options beyond gambling. They are often designed to be destinations in themselves, attracting visitors from around the world with their luxurious amenities and wide range of entertainment options.

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