Casino opening refers to a door or barrier, hole or gap, : not closed or locked , etc especially one that can serve as a passageway to the public building and room for gambling. It can also mean the vacancy in public building and room for gambling.

In the industrial and business context, "casino opening" refers to the process of starting up a new casino or gambling establishment. This can involve various procedures, such as obtaining necessary licenses and permits, hiring staff, acquiring gaming equipment, and marketing the new casino to potential customers. Here are some examples of casino openings:

  1. Encore Boston Harbor: In 2019, Encore Boston Harbor opened in Everett, Massachusetts, becoming the second-largest casino in the state. The opening involved a lengthy licensing process and a $2.6 billion investment by the casino's parent company, Wynn Resorts.

  2. Marina Bay Sands: In 2010, Marina Bay Sands opened in Singapore, becoming one of the largest and most luxurious casinos in Asia. The opening involved a complex construction process and a significant investment by Las Vegas Sands Corp.

  3. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: In 2018, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino opened in Atlantic City, New Jersey, following a $500 million renovation of the former Trump Taj Mahal. The opening involved extensive marketing and promotion efforts to attract customers to the new casino.

  4. Resorts World Las Vegas: In 2021, Resorts World Las Vegas opened on the Las Vegas Strip, becoming the first new casino to open on the Strip in over a decade. The opening involved a $4.3 billion investment and the hiring of over 6,000 employees.

Overall, casino openings can have significant economic and social impacts on the communities where they are located, including job creation and increased tourism revenue. However, they can also have negative effects, such as increased problem gambling and crime. Therefore, it's important for governments and industry leaders to carefully consider the potential consequences of casino openings and work to minimize negative effects while maximizing benefits.

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