Hog and Pig Farming this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in raising hogs and pigs. These establishments may include farming activities, such as breeding, farrowing, and the raising of weanling pigs, feeder pigs, or market size hogs.

The Hog and Pig Farming Industry is not responsible for the production of processed or packaged meat. This industry ends at the point when the livestock is sold or transferred off the farm. Pigs and Hogs are common names for members of the Suadae family of animals. They have cloven hooves, short legs and a snout used to digging. The term æpig? usually refers to the domestic mammal, Sus scrofa domesticus when it is young or small. æHog? is the name typically given to domesticated pigs that weigh more than 120 pounds.

The primary activities of firms in this industry are:
Farrow-to-finish operations
Feeder pig farming
Hog Feedlots (except stockyards for transportation)
Hog and pig (including breeding, farrowing, nursery , and finishing activities) farms
Pig farming
Weaning pig operations

the high risk job tasks associated with this industry are
1. Generate bioaerosols of animal-derived proteins
2. Inhale dust in livestock confinement building
3. Inhale mite allergens while farming or handling flour or grain

NAICS Code: 11221

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"Hog and Pig Farming" is in the NAICS Code "1122"
  Hog and Pig Farming
- 87322/2006-09-19

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