The term top may refer to the following:

  • any piece of clothing designed to cover the area of the upper human body between the neck and the waistline
  • a platform at the upper end of each lower mast on a traditional square rigged ship, used to anchor the shrounds of the ship's topmast
  • a nickname for a First Sergeant in the US Army, and a Master Sergeant in the US Marine Corps
  • Top (also spinning top, spin top), a type of toy designed to be spun rapidly on the ground, balanced on its tip while it is in motion due to inertia
  • Top (also rope wrench, rope separator, rope tool), a handheld or troley-mounted tool used to prevent the different component strands of a rope from twisting together prematurely
  • a category of topological spaces and manifolds in category theory in mathematics
  • the largest semi-simple quotient of a module in module theory in mathematics
  • Greatest element (or top), the greatest element of a partially ordered set in lattice theory in mathematics
  • top type (also universal supertype), a type that contains every possible object in the type system of interest in type theory of math, logic and computer science
  • top quark (also t quark, truth quark), a type of quark, an elementary particle and fundamental constituent of matter
  • a task manager program found in many Unix-like operating systems
  • The Top (or Der Kreisel), a short story written sometime in between 1917-1923 by author Franz Kafka
  • The Top, a 1984 album by English rock band, The Cure
  • a river in Bra?ov county in Romania
  • two villages in the districts of Oghuz and Zangilan in the Republic of Azerbaijan

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