Crowns refers to the upper part of a tree, including the leaves foliage and living branches.

Crown is a part of the watch referring to the nodule extending from the case that is used to set the time, date, etc. Most pull out to set the time, in water resistant styles however, the crowns should screw down.

The crown, often referred to as the winding crown or winder is used for winding the watch in the case of a non-automatic, for setting the hands to the correct time and often for setting the date in the case of calendar equipped watches. On diving/sports models, the crown may be screw down whereby it screws onto a threaded tube which protrudes from the case of the watch. This often ensures superior water resistance.

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"Crowns" is in the HS Code "0601"
Bulbs, Tubers, Tuberous Roots, Corms, Crowns And Rhiozomes, Dormant, In Growth Or In Flower; ; chicory plants and roots other than roots of heading 12.12.

"Crowns" is in the UNSPSC Code "42151503"
Crowns or crown forms

Ref: 120611/2006-09-19

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