Heat pump (as used in geothermal industry) in which the refrigerant exchanges heat in a heat exchanger with a fluid circulating through an earth connection medium - ground or ground water. The fluid is contained in a variety of loop/pipes configurations depending on the temperature of the ground and the ground area available. Loops may be installed horizontally or vertically in the ground or submersed in a body of water.

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Heat Pump - An air conditioner that contains a valve that allows it to alternate between heating and cooling.
Heat pump: Heating and/or cooling equipment that, during the heating season, draws heat into a building from outside and, during the cooling season, ejects heat from the building to the outside. Heat pumps are vapor-compression refrigeration systems whose indoor/outdoor coils are used reversibly as condensers or evaporators, depending on the need for heating or cooling.

Heat Pump
A heating and air conditioning unit that heats or cools by moving heat. Air conditioning units that run it the "heat pump" mode actually reverse their cycle so that they are taking heat from the outdoor environment, concentrating that heat, then transferring it into the inside of the home

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