Hydroplane is described as a very high speed, flat-bottomed racing powerboat that skims across the water.

Ref: 124227/2006-09-27

In the maritime, transportation, and manufacturing industries, "hydroplane" refers to a type of boat or watercraft that is designed to skim across the surface of water, rather than penetrate it like a conventional boat. Hydroplanes are typically used for high-speed water racing, and are equipped with high-powered engines and specialized hulls that allow them to "plane" or glide over the water at high speeds.

Examples of the use of hydroplanes in an industrial or business context include:

  • Companies manufacturing hydroplanes for high-speed water racing and recreational use.
  • Race organizations and events featuring hydroplane racing competitions.
  • Sports teams and professional racers competing in hydroplane racing events.
  • Marine supply and boat accessory retailers selling hydroplane-related equipment and products, such as engines, props, and hulls.
  • Researchers and engineers developing new technologies and innovations to improve the performance and safety of hydroplanes.


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