Clutches refer to a part of the power train that is used to connect/disconnect power to the rear wheels.

In automotive industry, clutches is described as:

1) a device for connecting and disconnecting the power flow between the engine and standard transmissions, used during starting, shifting, and stopping;

2) a device used to connect two collinear shafts to a driving mechanism such as a motor, engine, or line shaft, and to disconnect them at will; and 3) an electromagnetic clutch used to engage and disengage the compressor, to turn the air conditioner on and off.

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"Clutches" is in the HS Code "8483.60"
- - Clutches and shaft couplings (including universal joints)

"Clutches" is in the UNSPSC Code "26111900"

"Clutches" is in the NAICS Code "33361"
Engine, Turbine, and Power Transmission Equipment
Clutches and brakes (except electromagnetic industrial controls, motor vehicle) manufacturing

Ref: 123776/2006-09-19

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