Electrical capacitor refers to a device consisting of two conducting surfaces separated by an insulating material or dielectric.

Excise is defined as the carving away of the background around a decoration, leaving the image in raised relief.

Excavator is a machine commonly called a backhoe. It is actually a power shovel with the bucket facing backwards so that it digs towards itself.

Ethyl alcohol generally referred to simply as alsohol, relates to a flammable organic compound formed during fermentation of natural sugars. It is also called ethanol, grain alcohol, or simply alcohol.

Emulsion is defined as a photosensitive coating on printing plates and photographic film.

Electrical winding services fabricate custom-wound assemblies for a wide range of applications, including automotive, avionics, motor, transformer, medical instrumentation and power generation applications.

EDM machining services providers remove metal by burning, rather than cutting or grinding.

An Electric accumulator is characterized as an electrochemical device that can transform electrical energy into stored chemical energy and by reversing the process, release energy again.