Engineering service is characterized as any professional service or creative work requiring engineering education, training, and experience

Explosive refers to a chemical compound, mixture, device etc. that is capable of exploding. Likewise, it is a compound or mixture susceptible (by heat, shock, friction or other impulse) to a rapid chemical reaction, decomposition or combustion with the rapid generation of heat and gases with a combined volume much larger than the original substance.

Electronic marketing is characterized as marketing which is tied to an electronic POS system; typically a frequent shopper program which tracks individual consumer purchases by dollar or by type. Also includes coupon machines at the front of stores and coupons from the register tape from related purchases.

Electrical thermometer refers to a thermometer indicating temperature variations by means of electrical current flowing through a circuit in which a galvanometer is inserted. The sensitive element can be an electrical resistance whose value changes with temperature, or a thermocouple (formed by two soldered metals), which also generates specific quantities of current at different temperatures.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Thermometern, Thermometers
Emergency items refers to products that are purchased in an unusual situation when need is suddenly high, such as umbrellas during a rainstorm.
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Enginehouse pertains to a building in which locomotives are serviced - repaired or cleaned, and/or stored.
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Ewe is characterized as a female sheep.
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End cap refers to a mass display stacked against the end of a gondola or tier of products in a store.
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Lexicon from 'End cap' until 'Extrusions'

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Cape, Capers, Capes

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