Electronic computer is described as an "electronic device that accepts information in digital or similar form and manipulates it for a result based on a sequence of instructions.

Electrolyte refers to the medium which provides the ion transport mechanism between the positive and negative electrodes of a cell. These are substances that produce ions in aqueous solution. It is also a solution that conduct an electric current.

Ear is the name given to the finger grip of pressed glass between the shoulder and finish of a ? gallon, gallon, or other glass jug. The ear is used to facilitate holding the jug.

Deutsch: Belichtung / Español: Exposición / Português: Exposição / Français: Exposition / Italiano: Esposizione /

Exposure describes the process of allowing radiation to interact with some areas of a photoresist layer while blocking the radiation from reaching other areas of photoresist.

executive floor; management floor: Floor is generally the lower horizontal surface of a room intented for the persons who have administrative authority over an organization or division of an organization; a manager, supervisor or administrator at a high level within an organization;

Evaporation is the a process that results from heating a liquid so that it vaporizes.

Ethanol pertains to a fuel that is created from corn. The alcohol product of fermentation that is used in alcohol beverages and for industrial purposes; chemical formula blended with gasoline to make gasohol; also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol.

Employee includes:
(a) a person employed at the facility;