Deutsch: Kopfbedeckung / Español: Protección para la cabeza / Português: Equipamento de proteção para a cabeça / Français: Équipement de protection de la tête / Italiano: Protezione per la testa /

Headgear is defined as a Strap worn around the back of the head which is used to help pull the teeth back or influence the jaw growth.

Facebow, Headgear

Facebows are wire apparatus used to move your upper molars back in your mouth which creates room for crowded or protrusive anterior teeth. Generally, the facebow consists of two metal parts which have been attached together. The inner part is shaped like a horseshoe. This part goes in your mouth and is connected to your buccal tubes. The outer part has two curves. The curves go around your face, and connect to the breakaways or high pull headgear. To properly use the product, the inner bow needs to be inserted into your buccal tubes. An elastic neck band is placed around the back of the neck while the triangular cast offs on both sides of neck band are attached to the outer bow of the headgear. Completing the apparatus is a plastic safety strap that is placed over the neck band and onto the outer bow of the headgear.

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"Headgear" is in the HS Code "65"
Headgear and parts thereof

Ref: 124208/2006-09-26

Headgear also known as headwear or headdress is the name given to any element of clothing which is worn on one's head. Common forms of headgear include hats, caps, bonnets, hoods, headscarves and helmets. Headgear can have great symbolic significance: in a monarchy, for example, royalty often have special crowns. Hair accessories and replacements, such as wigs, may also be included in the category of headgear.
Headgear can serve a variety of purposes:

protection (against impact, cold, rain and other precipitation, heat, glare, sun burn, dust, infection, chemicals, noise, insects, etc)
to keep hair contained or tidy
decoration or fashion
religious purposes
modesty; social convention
hiding baldness
distinction; a badge of office

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"Headgear" is in the HS Code "65"
Headgear and parts thereof

Ref: 124111/2006-09-19

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