The term ink may refer to the following:

  • a liquid or paste medium, containing various components, such as pigments or dyes, that may be used to color a surface to produce text, images or designs
  • a type of dark pigment secreted by certain species of animals, mostly cephalopods, usually as a means of evading predators
  • Inkwell (or Ink), a type of gesture and handwriting recognition software technology developed by Apple Inc
  • INK (short for I/O Node Kernel), an operating system based on the Linux kernel
  • the name of two unincorporated communities in Arkansas and Missouri in the US, respectively
  • a 2007 speculative fiction novel by Scottish author, Hal Duncan
  • Ink (or Ink Global), a travel media publishing and technology company
  • a band formed by the former members of the Australian industrial metal band Jerk
  • Ice Nine Kills, an American metalcore band
  • a song from British rock band Coldplay's 2014 album, Ghost Stories
  • a 1991 album by British New Wave band, The Fixx
  • a 2010 album by German/Spanish rock band, Frogcircus
  • a 2009 American science fiction fantasy film
  • a short-lived American TV sitcom
  • I.N.K. Invisible Network of Kids (or Mission Invisible), a French animated TV series

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): inks

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