Ancillary means giving or able to give help or support: accessory, assistant, auxiliary, collateral, contributory, subsidiary, supportive.

Example of the use of anchorage is below

1. Ancillary data other than instrument data required to perform an instrument's data processing. They include orbit data, attitude data, time information, spacecraft engineering data, calibration data, data quality information, and data from other instruments.

2. Ancillary services is s term used to mean to support the diagnosis or treatment of a patient's condition. Such services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, home health services, and diagnostic services. Ancillary services are also referred to as ?supplemental services.?

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"Ancillary" is in the NACE Code "22.25"
  Ancillary activities related to printing

"Ancillary" is in the ISIC Code "7514"
  Ancillary service activities for the government as a whole

"Ancillary" is in the HS Code "8443"
  Printing Machinery ; Machines For Uses Ancillary To Printing

"Ancillary" is in the NACE Code "22.25"
  Ancillary activities related to printing

"Ancillary" is in the ISIC Code "7514"
  Ancillary service activities for the government as a whole

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