Reticle is specified as a glass plate that contains a pattern of transparent and opaque areas. A reticle contains the pattern for one or more die but is not large enough to transfer a wafer sized pattern all at once.
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Rice Farming - this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing rice (except wild rice) and/or producing rice seeds.
Rice (except wild rice) farming, field and seed production. Rice (Oryza sativa) is a cereal grass that is cultivated for its edible grain s. These starchy grains are most commonly used as a staple food.

The primary activities of firms in this industry are:
Rice farming

Industry Code: 11116

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"Rice Farming" is in the NAICS Code "11116"
  (Rice Farming11116)

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Rifling has to do with a firearm term which means a series of spiral grooves cut in the bore of a firearm designed to stabilize a projectile by spinning it.
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Ripping hammer pertains to a hammer similar to the curved claw but with a straight claw, used for levering up boards or laps.
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A roaster duckling or roaster duck is a duck of either sex that is below 16 weeks old, has tender meat, an easily-dented windpipe and a bill that has not completely hardened. These may weigh anywhere between 4 to 7½ pounds.

The rocky mountain goat despite that it is called goat, is not considered a true goat by scientists as it belongs to the genus Oreamnos.
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Rod-back Windsor refers to variation of a fan-back, having one or two rod-like bows connecting the upper ends of the spindles
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A window in a the building component enclosing a building above, thus providing a weatherproof shelter to admit daylight
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Skylights