Accordion fold is a binding term describing a method of folding paper which when unfolded it looks like the folds of an accordion. Moreover, it is a term for two or more parallel folds that result in the sheet opening like a fan. Accordion folds are used on products such as brochures and maps. It is also known as concertina fold.

Accordian folds are simple zig-zag folds with 6-panels and two parallel folds that go in opposite directions. Each panel of the accordian fold is about the same size. Variations include half-accordian folds where one panel is half the size of the other two and engineering folds where one panel is twice the size of the other two. 8 and 10-page accordian folds are also common.

Also Known As: z fold | zig-zag

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"fold" is in the NAICS Code "323116"
(Manifold Business Forms Printing Unit set forms (e.g., manifold credit card slips) printing )

"fold" is in the HS Code "4820.40"
- - Manifold business forms and interleaved carbon sets

"fold" is in the UNSPSC Code "20121205"
Fracturing manifold units

"fold" is in the CPC Code "54570"
Scaffolding services
- scaffold and work-platform erecting and dismantling work, including renting of scaffolding and work. ..

Ref: 120607/2006-09-19

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