Bulk cargo is described as a cargo that is unpacked (un-bundled or un-bound) and is of the same or a similar kind or nature (homogeneous). These cargos are usually dropped or poured, with a spout or shovel bucket, as a liquid or solid, into a bulk carriers hold, train car, or truck -trailer body. Bulk cargos are classified as liquid or dry.

Dry bulk cargos, as in coal, grain (wheat, maize, rice, barley, oats, rye, sorghum, soybeans, etc.), iron ore (ferrous & non-ferrous ores, ferroalloys, pig iron, scrap metal, etc.), wood chips, cement, chemicals (fertilizer, plastic granules & pellets, resin powder, synthetic fiber, etc.) , dry edibles (alfalfa pellets, citrus pellets, livestock feed, flour, meal, peanuts, raw sugar, seeds, starches, etc.), bulk mine (sand & gravel, copper, salt, etc.)

Liquid bulk cargos, as in oil, liquefied natural gas (LNG),
gasoline, chemicals, liquid edibles (vegetable oil, cooking oil, etc.)

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"Bulk cargo" is in the UNSPSC Code "78101602"
Bulk cargo rail transport services

Ref: 122409/2006-09-22

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