The term xenon may refer to the following:

  • a gaseous element with the symbol Xe and atomic number of 54, popularly known for its use in lighting
  • an experiment aimed at finding dark matter
  • a groupset (or gruppi) by Italian high-end bicycle component manufacturer Campagnolo
  • a type of pickup truck manufactured by Indian automotive manufacturing company, Tata Motors
  • Xenon 2 (or Xenon II), an autogyro (a type of flying machine) by Polish aircraft manufacturer, Celier Aviation
  • LG Xenon (or LG GR500), a mobile phone by LG Electronics
  • Microsoft XCPU (or Xenon), a processor used in Microsoft's Xbox 360 game console
  • a Korean-designed block cipher, a type of encryption algorithm
  • a software program that uses web spiders to discover potential tax evasion
  • Xenon, a name shared by at least two figures in Ancient Greece
  • Xenon Entertainment Group, a film distribution company specializing in urban-themed movies and documentaries
  • a 1988 computer game developed and published by UK-based company, The Bitmap Brothers
  • a 1980 pinball machine released by American entertainment company, Bally
  • Xenon (Japanese: Bio Diver Xenon), a 1986 manga (Japanese comic) also licensed and/or released in the US, France, Germany and Taiwan

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"Xenon" is in the UNSPSC Code "12142001"
Xenon gas Xe

Ref: 122426/2006-09-23

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