- Dunnage material : Dunnage material is defined as those materials which are not fastened firmly to the means of transport or transport container and are used to protect the goods from sweat, dirt or mechanical stress, for instance, or as an aid in stowage, as in interlayer dunnage. Depending on its application, it is referred to as floor dunnage, interlayer dunnage, lateral dunnage or top dunnage.
Ref: 123846/2006-09-25

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Materialen, Materials
- Durable medical equipment (DME) : Durable medical equipment (DME) is identified as the general category of equipment which includes wheelchairs, Bath benches, hospital beds, bedside commodes and walkers, etc.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): equipments
Dust jacket also known as a dustwrapper is described as a decoravtive paper wrapper placed around a book for protection.
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In the industrial context, disease refers to a condition or disorder that affects the health and well-being of individuals in the workplace or the general population. Diseases can be caused by a variety of factors, including exposure to toxic substances, poor working conditions, and infectious agents.