Fishlanding nets are small bag-like net attached to a long handle, for taking a hooked fish from the water.

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In the fishing and seafood industries, "fish landing nets" are specialized nets used for capturing, handling, and transferring fish from the water to the deck of a fishing vessel, or from the water to a holding tank. Fish landing nets are designed to minimize harm to the fish, reduce handling stress, and maintain the quality and freshness of the catch.

Examples of the use of fish landing nets in an industrial or business context include:

  • Fishermen and fishing companies using fish landing nets to safely handle and transfer their catch.
  • Net manufacturers producing fish landing nets for commercial and recreational use.
  • Seafood wholesalers and distributors using fish landing nets to transfer and process their seafood products.
  • Fish markets and seafood retailers using fish landing nets to display and sell their seafood products.
  • Recreational fishing organizations and events using fish landing nets to safely handle and release fish caught by anglers.
  • Researchers and scientists using fish landing nets to safely collect and handle fish for study and analysis.
  • Aquaculture facilities using fish landing nets to handle and transfer farmed fish.
  • Government agencies regulating the use of fish landing nets for conservation and sustainability purposes.
  • Marine supply and fishing equipment retailers selling fish landing nets to commercial and recreational users.
  • Environmental and conservation groups advocating for responsible and sustainable use of fish landing nets in the fishing industry.

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