Anticoccidials drugs refer to drugs developed to treat the intestinal tract infection Coccidiosis.

- 87212/2006-09-16

In the veterinary and animal health industry context, "anticoccidials" are drugs used to prevent or treat coccidiosis, a parasitic disease that affects the digestive systems of livestock, poultry, and other animals. Anticoccidials work by controlling the growth and spread of the parasites that cause the disease.

Examples of the use of anticoccidials in an industrial or business context include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies researching, developing, and producing anticoccidial drugs for animal health.
  • Veterinarians and animal health professionals prescribing and administering anticoccidials to treat and prevent coccidiosis in animals.
  • Livestock and poultry producers using anticoccidials to maintain the health and well-being of their animals.
  • Wholesale and retail distributors of animal health products, such as anticoccidials, to farmers, ranchers, and pet owners.
  • Laboratories and research institutions studying the efficacy and safety of anticoccidials in the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis.


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