Cones are referring to devices for facilitating the loading, positioning and lashing of containers. The cones insert into the bottom castings of the container. It is synonymous to locating pin.

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"Cones" is in the UNSPSC Code "42151815"
  Cones for dental grinding or polishing machines
Ref: 123858/2006-09-26

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- Constant angular velocity (CAV) : Constant angular velocity (CAV) refers to laser disc operating format in which the disc rotates at a constant speed during play.

CAV permits more special effects (still-frame, slow-motion and fast-motion for example) but this format is somewhat wasteful of disc space. CAV discs are limited to 30 minutes of material on each side of a 12" laser disc.
Ref: 122470/2006-09-27

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): caverns
Console refers to a table intended to stand against a wall of between windows. It is originally a large bracket supporting a shelf, but in furniture parlance it refers to any group consisting of a table or cabinet with a mirror hung above it. Console is a term loosely used for any wall table.

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"Console" is in the UNSPSC Code "43201539"
  Console controller mainframe
Ref: 122620/2006-10-11

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Constant pressure filter is identified as a powder filtration system in which constant solvent pressure is exerted on the filter in order to keep the filter coated with filter powder.
Ref: 123236/2006-09-23

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