Tiger economics is a . fast growing economies that are rapidly closing the standard-of-living gap with developed countries, an example would be South Korea and China.
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Tiler refers to a person whose source of livelihood is to cover buildings with tiles, a worker who lays tiles
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Tin enamel is characterized as an opaque glaze containing tin oxide, usually an earthenware; developed historically in Persia, middle Europe, Spain, and Italy; fired in oxidation to low or medium temperature.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Tinners, enamels
Toile de jouy is described as a fabric of cotton or linen printed in a single color with scenes of landscapes and people, especially from 18th century French prints.
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Lexicon from 'Table lamp' until 'Toile de jouy'
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Tobacco Farming - this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing tobacco.

The primary activities of firms in this industry are:
Flue-cured leaf tobacco
Burley leaf tobacco
Maryland leaf tobacco

The high risk job tasks associated with this industry are:
1. Generate plant-derived bioaerosols
2. Mix or apply organophosphates or work in fields after an application
3. Spray chlorothalonil
4. Use carbon disulfide as fumigant

NAICS Code: 11191

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"Tobacco Farming" is in the NAICS Code "11191"
  Tobacco Farming
- 87291/2006-09-17

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Tolling is described as the activity of converting customer-owned alumina into aluminum or rolling aluminum ingots into sheet products.
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Total particulate matter refers to any particulate matter with a diameter less than 100 microns.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): particulates
Torque converter is defined as a turbine used to transmit power from a driving member to a driven member via hydraulic action, providing changes in drive ratio and torque. In automotive use, it links the drive plate at the rear of the engine to the automatic transmission. This torque increase, however, is achieved at the expense of rpm and efficiency.

Moreover, it is a form of fluid coupling used to transmit torque from the power plant to the rest of the drive train.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Converters