An Electric accumulator is characterized as an electrochemical device that can transform electrical energy into stored chemical energy and by reversing the process, release energy again.

Moreover, accumulator refers to an apparatus for accumulating or increasing the intensity of an electric charge. It is known as capacitator in modern terms.

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"electric accumulators" is in the CPC Code "3938"
Waste and scrap of primary cells, primary batteries and electric accumulators; spent primary cells, primary batteries and electric accumulators

"electric accumulators" is in the HS Code "8548.10"
- Waste and scrap of electric accumulators; spent electric accumulators

Ref: 123798/2006-09-19

Electric accumulators also known as rechargeable batteries include motor vehicle lead -acid, nickel cadmium (NiCad), with the more recently developed nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), lithium ion (LiOn) and lithium ion polymer, also known as lithium polymer - abbreviated Li-Poly or LiPo type batteries.

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"Electric accumulators" is in the CPC Code "4642"
Electric accumulators

Ref: 123778/2006-09-19

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