Synthesizer is identified as a musical instrument that is capable of digitally reproducing almost any sound, whether it is another instrument, an animal, or an human. The instrument also has the ability to bend and shape sound, through the application of specialized oscillators, rheostats and resistors to the sound wave, and synthesize or make innovative sounds and noises.
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Synthetic ethanol is referred to as ethanol produced by any one of several synthetic processes, such as the catalytic hydration of ethylene, the sulfuric-acid hydration of ethylene, and the Fischer-Tropsch process. Synthetic ethanol is chemically identical to fermentation ethanol, but may not be used in the production of alcoholic beverages
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Synthetic fibres refers to fibres or filaments produced from polymers. It means fabrics that are not from natural origins. Synthetics include man-made polyesters and polyvinyl fiber derivatives such as Acrylic, Nylon and Spandex that have been synthesized from petroleum and carbon derivatives.
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- surgicentre (UK) : surgicentre refers to a facility designed to serve patients who require surgical treatment exceeding the capabilities of usual physician's office yet not of such proportion as to require hospitalization
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