The term arc may refer to the following:

  • Arc (activity-regulated cystoskeleton-associated protein, also Arg3.1), a type of protein and a member of the immediate-early gene family that is considered important in neurobiology
  • Arc (Anoxic Respiratory Control) system, a type of two-component system hemoprotein that regulates various genes
  • a closed segment of a differentiable curve in Euclidean geometry
  • a set of points in finite projective geometry that satisfies a feature of curved figures in continuous geometries in an intuitive way
  • arcminute (also minute of arc, MOA, arcminute, arcmin, minute arc), a unit of measurement equal to 1?60 of a degree
  • arc (or arch), a type of curved structure that spans a space, but may or may not support weight above it
  • arc chute, a part of an electrical circuit breaker
  • arc lamp (or arc light), a type of lamp that produces an electric arc
  • arc welding, a method of welding that utilizes electric arcs to melt the metals to be welded together
  • electric arc (also arc discharge, voltaic arc), an ongoing discharge of plasma that produces light and heat
  • ARC, a lossless data compression and archival file format (and extension) developed by System Enhancement Associates
  • Arc, a dialect (a variation or extension) of the programming language Lisp
  • Automatic Reference Counting, a type of memory management enhancement for certain programming languages
  • Adaptive Replacement Cache, a memory replacement algorithm
  • Google App Runtime for Chrome (or ARC), a compatibility layer and sandboxing technology used for running Android apps on desktop and laptop computers
  • ArcInfo (formerly ARC/INFO), a geographic information system
  • ARC International, formerly a company that developed configurable microprocessors
  • Arc System Works, a video game developer and publisher
  • ARC (Art. Recognition. Culture.) Magazine, a semi-annual art magazine that specifically covers contemporary Carribean art and culture
  • Arc Poetry Magazine, a tri-annual Canadian literary magazine
  • Arc, a song from American rock band Pearl Jam's 2002 album, Riot Act
  • Arc, a 1991 album by North American musicians, Neil Young & Crazy Horse
  • Arc, a 2013 album by British rock band, Everything Everything
  • a general term for certain types of optical phenomenon
  • island arc, a type of archipelago that may be formed from a volcanic arc
  • volcanic arc, a chain of volcanoes positioned in arc shape when seen from above
  • the names of two rivers in Provence and Savoie in France, respectively
  • Arc, a group of administrative buildings of the Bahá'í Faith located on Mount Carmel, Halifa in Israel
  • Joan of Arc (French: Jeanne d'Arc), The Maid of Orléans (French: La Pucelle d'Orléans), a canonized Roman Catholic saint and French heroine
  • Les Arcs, a ski resort in Savoie in France
  • Arc @ UNSW, a student organization at the University of New South Wales in Australia
  • Arc of the United States, an organization dedicated to helping and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Aramaic language, with an ISO 693-2/3 code of arc
  • Xperia Arc (or Xperia X12), an Android smartphone from Sony Ericsson

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