Lukas Lindler is a successful online entrepreneur known for his innovative approaches to online marketing. He became a self-made millionaire in just a few years through his internet service offerings. As a coach and speaker, Lindler shares his knowledge and mission of guiding others to achieve digital independence. His latest venture is an online course promising success with AI in just 21 days, aiming to empower individuals to create fully automated online courses. Lindler's success story underscores the potential of online courses as a pathway to financial independence and passive income.

Lukas Lindler's new offer: Success with AI in 21 days!

The successful online entrepreneur Lukas Lindler is known for his creative approaches to online marketing. With his own Internet service offerings, the Augsburg native became a self-made millionaire in just a few years. As a coach and speaker, Lukas Lindler is on the big stages of the world - with the mission of showing other people the path to digital independence. With his brand new online course, the young entrepreneur is drastically shortening the time from the first idea to implementation: everyone should be able to create a fully automated online course in just 21 days. To achieve this ambitious goal, Lindler relies on state-of-the-art AI – and its very own, creative solution approaches.

What are online courses – and why are they so popular?

You can make a lot of money very quickly on the Internet. Hardly anyone knows this better than Lukas Lindler. In his mid-thirties, the son of a typical middle-class family has achieved what others still dream of: working from anywhere, monetizing his own ideas, being his own boss. Lindler began his online career with classic affiliate marketing. He marketed and sold products on behalf of other companies and collected a commission for each sale. Lindler hit the mark with his website. He is no longer "just” active in the affiliate business, but as a speaker and author he inspires people around the world about digital independence. In Lindler's courses, people, regardless of their previous career, learn which strategies and tools they can use to achieve financial independence through an online business.

Sharing knowledge, letting other people share in your own success and thereby building a passive income: Lukas Lindler is undoubtedly one of the most successful providers of digital services. Part of its business model is based on so-called online courses.

Online courses are courses on a specific topic or subject that specifically impart knowledge or skills to participants over several weeks and lessons. The courses are characterized by the fact that they take place exclusively on the Internet. Participating in the further training courses is extremely easy. All that is needed is an internet-capable computer and, of course, existing access to the network. Online courses democratize the availability of knowledge - many participants are only able to gain further training because of the high level of flexibility and the low number of hurdles.

Online courses can be completed at your own pace, from anywhere in the world and from your desk at home. Since the courses are usually available as recorded video streams and the individual lessons can be repeated as often as you like, the acquisition of knowledge is possible depending on the time available. In addition, there is an almost unlimited selection of subject areas. There is a suitable online course for almost every niche. The prices for participation vary - from less than a hundred to several thousand euros.

Earn money with online courses: how does it work?

From a purely technical perspective, online courses are recorded or completely digitally created learning content that can be accessed by participants regardless of time and location. Online courses can consist of videos, enriched with learning content for download, contain MP3 audio files or the individual lessons can be provided with a small final test. To create an online course, you first need a microphone, a webcam, common office tools and a platform through which the content can be distributed. The target group is reached via the most suitable channels - from social media to email distribution lists to your own search engine optimized website.

Once a course has been created and published, your work is complete. If the topic is interesting enough and the target groups are targeted precisely, a so-called "passive income” is made possible. As soon as participants decide to take the online course, a pre-set participation fee is due - regardless of whether the online course is started late at night or on a Sunday. The fee goes to the provider’s account without any further action.

What sounds so playful and easy here is, however, associated with a lot of preparatory work. For a successful online course, in addition to the right equipment, you also need structure, didactics and a target group-specific preparation of the content. Depending on your own experience in providing learning content, the preparatory work can take several weeks to months. Time that providers are not paid for. Until now, because with his brand new "AI Course Creator” Lukas Lindler now wants to drastically reduce the time required to create an online course. In less than 21 days it should now be possible to create tailor-made, individual offers. The "secret” behind the new concept of online entrepreneurship is artificial intelligence.

The advantages of artificial intelligence behind online courses

Since the beginning of 2023 at the latest, artificial intelligences such as ChatGPT and Co. have been known to the general public. AI is now able to independently create new content from existing training data - from texts to presentations to entire websites. The currently available AI tools can also be used to set up sales processes, email advertising campaigns and online courses.

As an online entrepreneur, Lukas Lindler has his finger on the pulse of digital trends - and recognized the enormous potential of the new technology early on. Artificial intelligence has a huge, decisive advantage: it can significantly shorten time-consuming routine processes. Whether market research, target group definitions or SWOT analyses: What was previously only possible with a lot of time and money can now be done by AI in the shortest possible time. And with impressive quality, provided the prompts are correct.

When dealing with AI, "prompts” are the work instructions that users give to AI. "Prompts” are most easily understood as commands translated into words that the AI then uses to create content. The better the prompts are structured and adapted to the task, the better the results. Prompting is an art that is easy to learn but difficult to master - as long as you only prompt "in the dark”.

Lukas Lindler has recognized this challenge and gives "Prompt Mastery” a correspondingly high priority in his new online course. In his online course, the young entrepreneur not only shows participants what the perfect prompt looks like, but also provides a comprehensive overview of the best prompts for creating your own online courses. But the unique insights into the use of AI for digital independence do not end there!

AI Course Creator: This is how you can start your digital independence in just 21 days

Lukas Lindler makes it exciting. Not much of the content of the brand new AI course has currently been made public. What is known so far is that his latest offer is aimed at the broadest possible target group. No previous experience in online marketing or in dealing with the various AI tools is necessary. Register, learn, get started: Anyone who knows Lindler's concepts from the past can be sure that complex subject areas will also be presented in a simple, clear and practice-oriented manner in the new course.

The AI Course Creator program includes detailed instructions on how to create your own online course with AI support in just three weeks. To make this successful, Lukas Lindler has collected numerous AI prompts that are made available to the participants. The "Prompts Mastery” is of course only a small part of the extensive online course. Another highlight that should definitely be mentioned here is access to the "Faceless Influencer Academy”. Online courses sell particularly well via social media, such as TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. The problem is that not everyone is suitable for appearing in front of the camera and thus pursuing a career as an influencer - or enjoys publishing their own face on social networks. As part of the Faceless Influencer Academy, online marketer Lukas Lindler shows effective ways to build reach as a faceless influencer on social networks from complete anonymity. This much can be revealed at this point: AI-generated content can also be used optimally in social networks!

However, before the first thought is given to a possible appearance on social media, basic work relating to your own online course needs to be done. Of course, Lindler also thought about this need. With the bonus module "AI Revolution”, participants learn how to use artificial intelligence to create sales texts, fill their own website with content and set up sales processes. Lukas Lindler's online course is rounded off with the so-called high-ticket offer coaching: The entrepreneur shows in detail how to set up highly profitable online courses that can generate profits of 3,000 euros and more per unit sold.

Unfortunately, a specific start date for the new Lukas Lindler online course has not yet been set as of the date this article was written. As soon as the course is available, we will of course add this information here. Until then, it's worth taking a regular look at Lukas Lindler's website, where all upcoming dates will be published promptly and reliably.

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