Accentis a general term which means contrast, outline or highlight for added detail and emphasis, e.g. accent lamp pertains to a type of lamp which is used for mood lighting, as decorative accent, or to draw attention to a particular area.

Acceptor refers to the group three elements in the periodic table such as boron, B, aluminum, Al, gallium, Ga, or indium, In, have one less electron in the outer most energy level than silicon, Si. When these atoms are introduced into silicon, an impurity level is created near the valence band.

Accessory denotes an object or device aiding or contributing in a secondary way. Accessories is a general term which have something to do with supplemental or subordinate element added to another entity, appendage, or attachment ; that can be added or connected in auxiliary capacity. It may refer to:

Accessory gearbox has something to do with a gearbox, usually attached to the back of an aero engine to power the engine accessories and to transmit the drive of the engine to accessories such as instruments, electric generators, de-icing apparatus, undercarriage retracting mechanism, and others
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Accionar is a Spanish term or phrase which is translated in English in this context, as legal actions. In this example, "accionar" is being used as a noun. In full, "The Secretary of Energy shall rule on any appeals that are filed against legal actions taken by the regulatory agencies."

Accommodation is defined as a sequence stratigraphic term for the amount of space available for sediment accumulation. Dominant influences on the amount of accommodation, or accommodation space, include subsidence and eustasy.

Accordance may refer to:

1. In accordance with;
2. Conforme;
3. Conforming to
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Accordance means agreement; harmony; and conformity.
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Accordion pertains to a hand-held musical wind instrument that is made of bellows attached to two rectangular frames on which buttons are mounted and, on some models, keys resembling piano keys.

Accordion reed steel is characterized as hardened, tempered, polished and blued or yellow flat steel with dressed edges and a carbon content of about 1.00%. The material has to possess good flatness, uniform hardness and high elasticity.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Reeds

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